Parenthoods Update – July 2017

Hello! We’re happy to announce that we’re back and here to stay (though we never really left!). We’ve been working hard on our latest release (2.4.1) which fixes a lot of issues found with the previous version. There’s also lots of new features and tweaks which we discuss in detail below. Head to the App Store and get the update now!

Note: Unfortunately you’ll be required to sign into the app to continue using it. We’ve improved the sign in process to make it easier than ever (See “Sign In” below). This wasn’t something that could be helped, sorry in advance!

Parenthoods, Meet the World!

We’re now available world wide and we’re focused on adding activities and getting ‘Hooders in new cities. If you’ve selected a city that you’re not living in then now’s the time to change; the “Everywhere” section means you won’t miss out on the great community of ‘Hooders you’re used to seeing.


The first thing you might notice in this update is the “Discuss” tab is now split into two sections; “Everywhere” and “Nearby”. So many of the discussions on Parenthoods are relevant to all parents, not just those in your city. That’s why when you create a new post we’ll ask if it’s relevant to your city and surrounding area (“Local”) or whether everyone can see it (“Everywhere”). If you mark your post as being “Local” then only people nearby will see the post – it’ll appear in their “Everywhere” feed just like any other post.

In case you don’t like the new “Everywhere”, the “Nearby” feed works just like the “Discuss” tab used to. You can also toggle the “Swap Everywhere” option to make “Nearby” the primary feed.

Dark Mode

We’ve added a dark mode to make Parenthoods easier on the eyes and less likely to wake sleeping kids.

You can find the option to turn it on in the “Settings” screen (tap the icon top-right on the “Profile” tab).

Create a Post

We’ve updated the interface for creating a post so that you have more room for text when writing long-form posts.

Rich previews will now appear too so you know exactly how your post will look in the feed.


This has been on our to-do list for quite some time. Parenthoods now has the ability to upload photos. This is perfect for adding photos to classifieds or for showing something particularly funny (or horrifying!). The primary focus of the “Discuss” feed is still discussion, so by default photos are hidden with an indicator to show that the post has a photo. Tapping into a post will show the photo(s).

You can choose to always show photos on your feed if you wish from the “Filters” screen. We’ll be keeping an eye out for “here’s my cute kid” posts and sending out warnings as needed.

Post Drafts

When creating a post we’ll now save it as a draft each time you pause in your writing. If you choose not to send the post then it’ll still be there the next time you go to create a post. (Note: this requires an internet connection and isn’t suitable for offline posts yet)

Edit Post

You can now edit your posts, finally!

Comment Actions

Reply to, share and report comments by sliding comments to the left. As always you can edit or delete your own comments using the same gesture.

View Who’s Liked

Another one that feels like it should have always been here. You can now tap on the like count for any post/comment and be taken to a list of ‘Hooders that have liked the post/comment

Toggle Notification for Posts

When you comment on a post you automatically start receiving notifications about new comments. There are times when you no longer wish to get these notifications so now you’re able to select “Turn Off Notifications”.  On the flip side you may wish to receive notifications about new comments without commenting on a post – previously you needed to bookmark a post but you can now “Turn On Notifications” it instead.

Push Notifications

Push notifications are working again so you don’t miss an important message. You can enable them from the “Inbox” tab if they’re not working already. There’s also a new toggle in the Push Notification settings that allows you to hide the “Enabled Push Notifications” message at the top of the “Inbox” tab.

Inbox Notifications

Multiple likes for posts and comments are now aggregated into a single notification in the “Inbox” tab; notifications will now read something like “Luke and 4 others liked your post”.

When selecting a notification referring to a comment we’ll now highlight and scroll you to the comment being referenced.

UI Tweaks

We’ve tweaked the feeds to make everything line up as it should and feel cleaner in the process. ‘Hooders with emoji in their name will no longer suffer mis-alignment, we know it must have been annoying at least one of you!

  • The number of likes and comments have been moved to their own row in order to make the Like and Comment buttons clearer while paving way for new like features in the future.
  • Tapping on a rich post from the feed now takes you directly to the linked URL so you don’t have to tap into the post first.
  • We now show more of each post on the feed so there’s less need to tap into each post.
  • There’s more room for writing comments so you’ll be scrolling less when writing detailed comments.
  • When you comment on a post, the comment icon will now be filled-in so that you can more easily find posts you’ve commented on previously.
  • Rich content in posts now sit below the post text, matching the new “Create a Post” interface.

Performance Optimizations

The underlying framework we use for developing Parenthoods has received a lot of performance improvements since our last update, so it’s been great to upgrade it and pass on the benefits. We’ve also spent time optimizing the feed for smoother scrolling, especially on older devices. There’s always room to improve here and we’ll continue to work on making Parenthoods feel buttery-smooth. Finally, we replaced the loading spinners with fade animations in a lot of places so that navigation feels smoother while information is being updated in the background.


You can now see who you’ve muted from the “Filters” screen and remove them from the list if you wish. We also now require confirmation when muting someone to prevent accidental mutes.

Delete Anonymous Posts

Prior to this update you were unable to delete your anonymous posts. This came with the benefit of people being more cautious about what they post anonymously but ultimately we felt like you should have complete control over your content. So here we are, you can now delete your anonymous posts.

Scroll-to-top Tabs

Simply put, tapping on a tab for a second time will now scroll the feed back to to the top.

Change Your Password

The ability to update your password is back in the “Edit Profile” screen.

Sign In

You’re now able to sign in with Facebook even if you didn’t initially join using Facebook – so long as your Parenthoods email matches your Facebook email.

We’ve created a new “Magic Link” feature so that you can sign in without a password. We’ll send a link to your email – tapping on the link from your mobile phone will then log you into the app automatically.

Bug and Crash Fixes

We’ve been through all of the bugs and crashes that have been reported and squished every one of them. We’re sure you’ll definitely have far less issues now.

Other Recent Fixes

  • Search is working as it always should have been.
  • Comments will no longer switch between the original and edited versions repeatedly.
  • Liking posts multiple times is now handled correctly.

What’s Next?

We have so many great new features in the works along with support for Android in the very near future.

Final Note

Still reading? We’re impressed! We want to say a huge thanks to our community, who help make it such a pleasure to continue working on the app. In our eyes Parenthoods feels like no other parenting community and it’s you ‘Hooders that really make it.

If you like Parenthoods then you can really help us out by leaving a review on the App Store and letting your parent friends and family know about the app.