Parenthoods Update – June 2018

So much to see in this update; pretty much every area of the app has been tweaked in some way.

As always, let us know what you love (or hate) so that we can keep improving.

iPhone X Support

It’s way overdue but Parenthoods will now look great on your iPhone X.


The resources tab is gone and has been replaced with categories along the top of the feed.

There are categories for Nearby, Favorites, Classifieds, Childcare, Recipes, Articles, Bookmarked and Your Posts. We’ll dig into some of these more later in the post.

We badge some categories so you can quickly see which have new content since you last viewed them.


What used to be a tab at the top of the feed is now a dedicated category to fit in with the new interface.


You can now view just the posts of people you’ve favorited, answering the oft-seen question of “Why would you favorite someone?”


Given that people can mail and courier items, we’ve expanded classifieds to only be restricted by the country you’re in.


You can now restrict childcare posts by distance independently of the “Nearby” distance filter.


We heard you; you love your hot pots! There’s so many recipes that get posted in Parenthoods and so there’s a new category just for them. We’ve brought in all the ones that we could find but if we’ve missed one that isn’t showing please let us know and we’ll fix it up.


Any post that contains article-type content will appear in the Articles category. Posts classed as articles will still appear in the main feed.

Creating Posts

With extra categories we needed to change the interface for creating posts, so we’ve done just that.

Each type of post now has its own “draft” e.g. if you create a classified then exit without posting and go to create a normal post, the draft for the classified will only show in the create classified form, not the create post form.


You can now pull to refresh on all of the feeds so you don’t just have to wait for the app to refresh.

Older posts used to simply says 1y which often isn’t very helpful – we now show improved “time-ago” text.

Post avatars are now slightly larger by request, any larger and they look pretty ridiculous so they’re at their limit.

There’s a new option to hide a post so that it no longer appears in your feed.

While we removed the ability to view who’s liked a post or comment that isn’t yours previously, we’ve now made it so you can no longer tap into the area (it previously just showed an empty screen) unless it’s your post or comment.

Cropping of images has been improved

Images can now be viewed in full screen with pinch-to-zoom by tapping on them.

Likes / Reactions (Coming Soon)

It would have been hard for you to have missed this feature on other social networks and we thought it was important we included it too. You can now react to a post rather than simply liking it. We’ve chosen reactions that are positive and/or supportive.


You can now search specific categories including just your posts and those that you’ve bookmarked.

We’ve also tweaked how search works so that it returns more accurate results – please let us know if you don’t see what you expect to see. Rather than treating each word with an “OR” in-between them, we now use “AND”.

Results are now sorted by date descending.


Comment threads now support in-line replies so that they can be more easily be tracked against the comment that’s being replied to. The reply button sits underneath each comment so there’s no need to swipe.

Images can now be sent along side comments – tap on the image to view it in full screen with pinch-to-zoom.

We’ve improve the performance of comment threads when they get long by showing a “Load More Comments” button.

There’s also performance improvements to be seen when scrolling to a highlighted comment (via the Inbox tab)

When you create a comment the app will now scroll to it so you can be sure it’s been sent.

Names and location/children descriptions now get trimmed to one line in cases where they’re too long.


You can now (finally) edit activities!

You can also duplicate an activity to easily create activities for multiple dates.


Notifications that you’ve not viewed are now highlighted.

We’ve completely re-worked how the notification badge works so we hope to not see any issues here any more…fingers crossed!

Bookmarked post notifications are now aggregated in the same way that likes and comments are.


You can now swipe left on any message thread and a new option to “Hide” a thread will appear. A confirmation message will appear so don’t worry about clumsy fingers. The thread will remain hidden until either you or the other person sends a new message.

We’ve also included the ability to send photos in private messages.


You can now view a ‘Hooders profile photo in full screen.

‘Hooders may now be muted/unmuted from their profile screen.

More Tab

We’ve juggled around¬†Preferences; Edit Profile; Filters; Favorited ‘Hooders; and various other rarely used options into a single More menu where the Profile tab used to be.

A new filter option is available to simply hide posts that include photos (on top of the previous options to simply hide the photos on the posts).

Dark Mode (Coming Soon)

There’s a new option to remind you to enable dark mode. When enabled we’ll present a message at the top of the feed asking whether you’d like to enable dark mode.


In an attempt to improve performance when scrolling far down your feed in the last update, we ended up slowing things down for some. We hope to have fixed the issue in this update so please let us know if you’re experiencing scrolling issues.

Error Messages

Not such a glamorous change but we’ve improved how many of the errors are reported to you so that you can tell more easily whether there’s an issue with your connectivity or if we’re having issues on our end.

We’ll also show relevant text if we’re down for maintenance.

Deleted Posts

If we delete a post we’ll now include a message about why we deleted it which will appear to anyone who goes to view the post.

There’s also a Contact Us button in case you’d like to discuss the deletion of a post.

Info Messages

The information box you sometimes see at the top of the feed is now controlled remotely so we can show any information we like such as an update being available.

Post Actions Popup

We’ve re-developed the post-actions popup (shown by pressing the downward arrow top-right of every post) in order to support Android. While making the necessary changes we’ve made the shadow more subtle and removed the lines between action items.

Authentication Token Refresh

This is definitely getting into the nitty-gritty of the changes but we know there’s some techies amongst you. When you login we generate a token that allows for automatic sign-in each time the app is opened. The token had an expiry time of 1 year but this meant that 1 year after the initial sign-in you’d need to sign-in again. We now generate a new token each time the app is opened so that you won’t need to sign-in again in future.


  • The default height of the text area when creating a post is now fixed so that you don’t have to tap a specific area to paste a link in.
  • The bio field is scrollable once again
  • Search freeze – we think we’ve fixed this one, or at least we’ve not been able to reproduce it in a long time
  • Cropping photos when selecting from your photo library should have worked previously but didn’t – this is now fixed
  • Scroll to comment now works consistently from the Inbox tab
  • New post button will no longer appear if the new post has already been deleted
  • It seems that some people may have gotten stuck during signup if they previously abandoned it without setting a location – this is now fixed
  • Selecting Inbox in the force-touch shortcuts no longer crashes the app
  • You can now select the drop down menu for posts in any feed