Community Guidelines

Community Guidelines

Parenthoods is a community platform for local parents to meet up, share advice, and help each other conquer one of life’s most craziest rides…parenthood.

Be Polite & Supportive

Any posts or comments that do not uphold the communities tenants of being safe, supportive and encouraging may be removed.

Don’t pile on the guilt! Recognize and applaud parents and suggest some alternative options for them to try.

For example: “These things worked for me…”

Remember there are many different ways to raise a child. If you find it difficult to be supportive to a fellow member, please don’t say anything at all.

For example, avoid comments like: “I would never do that…” OR “You’re doing it wrong, do this…”

We do not allow bullying, harassment, personal attacks, violence, or people deliberately disrupting the community.

Advertising and Promotion

Parenthoods should not be used as marketing channel or promotional tool for a business.

Posts considered spam or self-promotion will be removed.

We do allow members to suggest their business as a follow up to a requested recommendation.

If you would like tips on how to participate in the community and help promote your business via deals, events, or other opportunities contact us at


Solicitations for religious or political campaigns will be removed.

Honestly Represent Yourself

We require members to honestly represent themselves.

Accounts flagged or found to be fraudulent may be removed.


We reserve the right to remove content we feel is harmful to the community.

If your post gets deleted and you have questions you may contact us at

Terms of Service

You can read our full Terms of Service here.


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